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Do guys have sexual thought of their female friends
[Image: ET71058_2.jpg]

realistic silicone dildo

п»їThe male dolls or "men dolls" for women exist and they are terrifying! (Photos)
More than a sex object, the creators of real dolls like to highlight the fact that they make the "ideal spouse". Created to order on the imagination of its recipient, each doll is a unique model. Its owner has indeed the choice and his say on every detail, whether it is his hair, the color of his eyes, his hair or even ... the size of his sex, no aspect n ' is left to chance. As for the genitals, they are very realistic and planned for their owner to use them as a sex toy. Yet until now the love dolls were exclusively men's business. Following the many requests from women, Sinthetics, a company in Los Angeles decided to market dolls that meet the needs and desires of women.
Bronwen Keller, co-owner of the company says the majority of orders come from "Texas, Minnesota and Michigan, Republican states" yet known to be conservative. According to her, women, unlike men, would ask for "dolls with defects, imperfect" for more realism. Male dolls therefore have additional options available such as scars, visible veins or freckles. Gabriel is the perfect example. Pure creation of the company Sinthetics, the doll does not owe its name to chance since it refers to the eponymous archangel. Indeed, according to his manufacturers, he would be an angel who "will liberate women".
Jessica Ryan is one of the few women who has agreed to testify about having ordered a love doll. Actress of adult films, she explains her choice and assumes: "I tried the sex friends but either they are too loose, or they are attached.The doll man is a perfect in-between, it brings me the sex when that's what I want and it's there too when it's not what I want. " Indeed, the sex of the male dolls is planned so that their owner uses them like a sex toy.
Moreover, Jessica does not hesitate to compare the relationship she has with her latex man to rendezvous on dating apps: "As a woman, it's much easier to have a sex robot than to see a Tinder date. "
Sometimes the requests are eccentric to say the least, but for just under 12,000 euros, Sinthetics is ready to respond to any request. The techno-pornographic industry is booming and is making big money. The commercialization of sex dolls may well increase considerably in view of the number of orders placed that are more numerous each day. Besides the companies specializing in the making of these dolls like no other do not hide their hope to see in 20 years the Man live love stories with these robots.
Terrifying ...
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by Anais Monk
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